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Loved using their service! Got my website designed by them and they did a great job. Will surely hire them to help me develop a part of my site.


My website was beautifully designed and I was charged very resonably for what I got. Keep up the good work!


Couldn't have asked for better support. I'd totally recommend them to anyone who wants to outsource their company's support.


Initially I was scared to let HostechSupport change a few things like keywords on my website, but after they did, traffic increased by quite a huge margine. Well done HostechSupport.


They did a good job in helping me develop the backend of my website.


The whole support team is very friendly and they fixed my problem almost instantly.


My company's sales support is handled by them and I must admit, they're pretty good at what they do. I will surely continue to use their service.


Three cheers for your technical knowledge and prompt Customer service!


Had a few things done on the server like installing ssl certificate, adding mx records and few others. They completed the job as I wanted.


HostechSupport is very useful and they're quite cheap compared to others when it comes to managing servers. Keep it up!


The staff is very friendly and my website got more hits thanks to them!


My site's sales support is completely handled by them and I don't think anyone else would have done a better job.


I wanted live chat feature on my website and hence hired them. They are very good at it.


Started a website to sell all my handmade goods online and they helped me with everything from scratch.


I wanted a theme for my website and also someone who could help me with the backend. HostechSupport helped me with everything and their work was very good.


Hired them to handle my website's support. They are doing everything exactly as I want. Very nice!

Shelon Douglas

I am without a doubt, Most grateful to work with HostechSupport!! They really helped my company from being under attack with malware infection to our servers where that host thousands of files.!!! They are expedient, polite and most importantly, trustworthy! I will forever continue to use them to manage my servers and all other security measures from this point on out! Thank you so much HostechSupport for your tremendous amount of support that you gave to our organizaton. You really deserve 10 stars!

Kiran Kabadi

They have been perfect in resolving my issue with the Server Security. I can vouch on them. keep it up.

Shaf Hussain

HostechSupport is a kind and genuine company. They know how to get the job done and do it with no stress. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for support for their business. Their written English is excellent and I have never had a trouble communicating with them.I feel they are a credit to any company that uses their services like providing technical server/customer support to small and large business across the world. HostechSupport, not only, has professional but also nice, pleasant & happy techs and a pleasure to work with, while providing their services.

Mike L

Every time I come to them they are courteous and fast to fix my issue. We built such a close bond that I only go to them and allow them full access to my servers. They even moved us over to larger servers with no downtime, can you believe it - NO DOWNTIME and that was awesome. They also have web design department that is doing and has done some fabulous work on (coming soon). I will not be going to any other company for my server and web design needs. Thanks again and I look forward to a long term relationship.


Good service, i am very happy


Great Support . thanks

Nitesh Shende

Attention to Details is Great Expect Quality because of that

yusuf gafari

Great service good support :D


Excellent support and prompt follow up by the support team. They took less than an hour to reply and fix my server issues.

Myo Zin Min

I have a problem with my server running on Nginx.
The server is getting slower and slower. I can't find out the solution. So I came across Hostech and the problem was fixed quickly. They are good team and they has well-trained support. I would recommend them and I am sure it is worth to pay for their support. You will never regret work with them.

Aras Ahmed

This is the best server support provider I dealt with ever ... Thank you very much

Amjad Ali

I really love this. Hostech Support always stands first to help me out when my site was in trouble. My remains very busy all the time because of a lot of users upload and download the files while this my site was link down due to too much traffic at I especially thanks to Miss Ravneet Walia Manager Hostech Support who always try her best to manage my site servers and to protect my site from malware threats. Hostech Support team keeps me updated about my site performance every second. Now I am fearless, calm and relaxed because Hostech Support team is with me all the time to manage and handle my site. Thanks Hostech Support team for your quick and prompt response when I need it.

Shaf H

Good support and excellent English when dealing with support and sales tickets!

Jorge Moreno

We all have to agree that commitment, responsibility and expertise are the foundation of a great technical support team. You will find this and more with HostechSupport.

Shahbaz Ali

May it be securing servers or dealing with any technology, their skilled team makes them 'Unique' as compared to any other company providing such services.

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