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VPS server management offers the specifications and benefits of dedicated and shared hosting. VPS server management assists the users with complete independence and control over authentic server procedures. Our Server Management Plan is designed for individuals, hosting companies and data centers.  By using our managed VPS server management services, you can experience high-quality resource allocations and superior network connections. At the same time, we also ensure that your security, safety confidentiality concerns are our top priority. 

Our VPS Management Services includes: 

  • Initial Server Configuration 
  • Initial Backup Configuration      
  • Attack Mitigation Assistance      
  • Backup Configurations and Backup Restorations, Database Restorations
  • Creating OS templates
  •  Custom Kernel recompiles with OpenVZ patch etc.
  • Node Monitoring
  • Managing VPS servers via Virtuzzo Control Panel, solusvm etc.
  • Easily managing websites, email, DNS, web traffic, web applications and easy integrations with external systems
  • Fixing Website, MySQL, Mails, FTP Issues
  • Third-Party Software Installation         
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Actions Log
  • Load Balancing Management
  • Installation and basic configuration of applications like drupal, Joomla, WordPress 
  • Troubleshooting issues via the control panel
  • Installation and upgrade of control panel and third party applications/software     
  • Troubleshooting e-mails and SSL related issues         
  • Server boot failure investigation using KVM and diagnose VPS boot issues
  • Troubleshooting attacks on the server (port scanning, bots, DDoS, etc
  • Database related activities like restoring, backing up and migrating databases
  • 24×7 Technical and Live Chat Assistance

You can get in touch with your technical queries at for 24×7 Technical and Live Chat assistance.

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