Server Management and Technical Support Services for Hosting as well as Datacenters

Our competent and user-friendly support service helps to deal with choice, Linux/Windows Server Management, DNS server settings, MySQL support, Cpanel Server Management, Server installation & configuration management, Plesk management, Server optimization, 3rd party installations, 24×7 Server Monitoring, Server migrations, Backup, and configurations, etc..

We have technical expertise, trusted advisors who look up into the installation and configuration of new services. Here we provide 24/7 proactive remote monitoring and maintenance of installed software packages, scripts control panels, and efficiency issues. Technical advisors help out in fixing open source software like PHP, Apache, Xampp, and LAMP which are desired to create high-quality software able to handle critical situations.

Our server setup will have only the required services that are needed for a web application to run and it will be optimized maximum according to the server specifications. You don’t need to worry about how you can manage the servers anymore as it will be covered under the management plan and proactive monthly tweaks will take care of your servers.

We have certified expert techs to set up, configure and optimize your cPanel server. Our expert tech agents cordially manage to perform server tasks including new server setup, server security and hardening, server optimization, configurations and restoring backups, transferring accounts, server migration, data backups and recovery, server investigation and much more.

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Linux/Windows Server AdministrationServer Management, Server Optimization, Server Monitoring, Server MigrationCpanel Server Management, Cpanel Direct AdminApache Configuration, Apache Installations, and UpgrdationNgnix Installation and Upgrades

Get VPS Management Services

VPS server management offers the specifications and benefits of dedicated and shared hosting. VPS server management assists the users with complete independence and control over authentic server procedures. Our Server Management Plan is designed for individuals, hosting companies and data centers.  By using our managed VPS server management services, you can experience high-quality resource allocations and superior network connections. At the same time, we also ensure that your security, safety confidentiality concerns are our top priority. 

Our VPS Management Services includes: 

  • Initial Server Configuration 
  • Initial Backup Configuration      
  • Attack Mitigation Assistance      
  • Backup Configurations and Backup Restorations, Database Restorations
  • Creating OS templates
  •  Custom Kernel recompiles with OpenVZ patch etc.
  • Node Monitoring
  • Managing VPS servers via Virtuzzo Control Panel, solusvm etc.
  • Easily managing websites, email, DNS, web traffic, web applications and easy integrations with external systems
  • Fixing Website, MySQL, Mails, FTP Issues
  • Third-Party Software Installation         
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Actions Log
  • Load Balancing Management
  • Installation and basic configuration of applications like drupal, Joomla, WordPress 
  • Troubleshooting issues via the control panel
  • Installation and upgrade of control panel and third party applications/software     
  • Troubleshooting e-mails and SSL related issues         
  • Server boot failure investigation using KVM and diagnose VPS boot issues
  • Troubleshooting attacks on the server (port scanning, bots, DDoS, etc
  • Database related activities like restoring, backing up and migrating databases
  • 24×7 Technical and Live Chat Assistance

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Cpanel Server Management, Cpanel Direct Admin Services

Looking for Server Management Specialists? Take a step ahead and try our services and Connect to our 24×7 Live chat to get technical assistance on your server related queries at or you can simply shoot an email to
Our Linux/Server Management services include 24×7 Remote Technical Support, Server Administration, Server Management, Server hardening, 3rd party software installations, 24×7 Server Monitoring, Server migrations, Backup configurations and more.

Cpanel Server Management – Direct Admin Services:

  1. Initial Server installation & configuration management
  2. Let’s Encrypt / SSL installation and configuration
  3. SMTP/POP/IMAP (Exim + Courier-IMAP/dovecot) server configure and optimization
  4. FTP Server setup (pure-ftpd / pro-ftpd).
  5. Google Apps Setup (DNS)
  6. Optimize and secure Apache (HTTP) server
  7. Software installations.
  8. Increase memory efficiency
  9. Hard disk performance tweaking
  10. MySQL database server optimization
  11. Backup Configuration and Audit Backup
  12. Secure SSH
  13. Anti-malware & anti-Virus installation
  14. Brute force detection Installation
  15. Control access to services by IP Address
  16. Monitor WHM server
  17. Secure Apache
  18. Mod Security Installation
  19. Kernel Patching.
  20. Schedule malware and virus scanning
  21. Restrict system’s compilers
  22. Install and configure csf a firewall
  23. Regular server updates

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Linux/Windows Server Administration
Server Management, Server Optimization, Server Monitoring, Server Migration
Cpanel Server Management, Cpanel Direct Admin
Apache Configuration, Apache Installations, and Upgrdation
Ngnix Installation and Upgrades

Need Server Administration

Our Server administration services extend to all operating systems and applications, installation of 3rd party software, OS & application upgrades, initial server setup, diagnosis, security updates/patches, backup restoration in a timely manner. We have a 24×7 Remote Technical team and system engineers are part of our administration aims at granting clients with a stress-free environment. Clients can certainly come up with any case round the clock for everlasting 24×7 live chat or technical support.
We manage the below services on your servers :

1. Linux Server Installation & Configuration
2. Any Linux Support Solutions
3. Certified Linux Support Team
4. Linux Server Performance Tuning
5. High quality of Customer Satisfaction
6. Monthly Server Reports
7. Linux Server Backup Management
8. 100% Uptime Servers
9. Low Price Guarantee
10. Best Outsourced Linux Support Services
11. 24×7 Voice, Technical Support
12. Installing software
13. Upgrading software and applying patches
14. Configuration changes
15. Control Panel Upgrades
16. Server MigrationSign upNot enough data for insights yetShare post

Looking for Server Management Specialists?

Our Linux/Windows Server Management services include 24×7 Remote Technical Support, Server Administration, Server Management, Server hardening, 3rd party software installations, 24×7 Server Monitoring, Server migrations, Backup configurations and more.
Per Server, the Management plan provides 24×7 Technical and Live Chat and assists you on your server related issues whenever needed.

Need Outsourced Web Hosting Support?

Our 24×7 Remote Technical Support will surely help you get rid of your Server Issues by providing you quick solutions!
Our Linux/Windows Server Management services include 24×7 Remote Technical Support, Server Administration, Server Management, Server hardening, 3rd party software installations, 24×7 Server Monitoring, Server migrations, Backup configurations and more

Need a Speedy Tech Support to Manage your Powerful Servers????

Then here we are!!! HostechSupport provides you with the Best Support Service for WebHosting, IT companies, Data centers, Digital Marketing agencies, Software & Application development companies and also provides 24×7 Virtual Assistance for various IT service companies. HostechSupport is an outsourced technical support and customer service company with a full-fledged support center in India. Our techs are extensively trained in the technical aspects of managing and providing outstanding customer service.

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Need Server Administration for your Servers?

Get Linux Server Administration by Expert Techs! Web host, WHM, Cpanel, Nagios, Apache, Nginx, PHP, Ubuntu, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla And much more. Also, we manage, WebHost Manager(WHM) cPanel, Plesk, SolusVM, OpenVZ virtualization, & VestaCP. Experience of Server Load balancing, technology IP, IPV4 and IPV6. Also, considerable Hands-on experience in OpenVZ, Xen, VMWare Virtualizations, Linux VM (Debian), etc.

Plan Inclusive of below services: 

  • Kernel upgrades
  • PHP configurations, updates & installations with options like GD, Curl, etc.
  • Perl module Installations
  • Apache module Installations
  • Backups & Migrations
  • Security updates for Server software
  • Software/Script Installations

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Linux server administration
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