Server Management and Technical Support Services for Hosting as well as Datacenters

Our competent and user-friendly support service helps to deal with choice, Linux/Windows Server Management, DNS server settings, MySQL support, Cpanel Server Management, Server installation & configuration management, Plesk management, Server optimization, 3rd party installations, 24×7 Server Monitoring, Server migrations, Backup, and configurations, etc..

We have technical expertise, trusted advisors who look up into the installation and configuration of new services. Here we provide 24/7 proactive remote monitoring and maintenance of installed software packages, scripts control panels, and efficiency issues. Technical advisors help out in fixing open source software like PHP, Apache, Xampp, and LAMP which are desired to create high-quality software able to handle critical situations.

Our server setup will have only the required services that are needed for a web application to run and it will be optimized maximum according to the server specifications. You don’t need to worry about how you can manage the servers anymore as it will be covered under the management plan and proactive monthly tweaks will take care of your servers.

We have certified expert techs to set up, configure and optimize your cPanel server. Our expert tech agents cordially manage to perform server tasks including new server setup, server security and hardening, server optimization, configurations and restoring backups, transferring accounts, server migration, data backups and recovery, server investigation and much more.

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Linux/Windows Server AdministrationServer Management, Server Optimization, Server Monitoring, Server MigrationCpanel Server Management, Cpanel Direct AdminApache Configuration, Apache Installations, and UpgrdationNgnix Installation and Upgrades

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Our 24×7 Remote Technical Support will surely help you get rid of your Server Issues by providing you quick solutions!
Our Linux/Windows Server Management services include 24×7 Remote Technical Support, Server Administration, Server Management, Server hardening, 3rd party software installations, 24×7 Server Monitoring, Server migrations, Backup configurations and more

Migrating physical servers to Cloud

Basically it is an approach described as decoupling and migrating a server’s operating system and data from a physical server to a virtual machine guest hosted on a virtualized platform (or the cloud). It is called as one of the best features of server virtualization is the ability to migrate physical server workloads to virtual servers.
The physical to virtual migration choice allows you to remove aging servers, thus deducting the number of physical servers needed in a data center. Firstly, a physical server must be virtualized and then migrated into the cloud. Once you’ve virtualized, you will have to repeat the steps to migrate the server into a cloud. The first step while starting with a physical-to-cloud migration is to identify the tools that you will use to execute your migration and the system you want to migrate. The key point here is that you don’t have to migrate twice SaaS automatically virtualizes a physical server during the conversion process of migrating the physical server into the target cloud.

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HostechSupport is a software development company founded and managed by very focused and globally experienced IT professionals having very strong and unmatched business process experience and expertise in the Web Hosting Solutions, Search Engine Optimization, Application Development, and Flash Development, etc.

Our expanding technical resource pool enables us to effortlessly deploy requisite professional skills for client projects. Developing web presence, scaled up to complete online businesses is among the fortes of HostechSupport.

Under our umbrella of customer services comes:

1. Cloud Set-up & Server Management

2. VPS Server Management

3.  Server Administration

4. Server Management

5. Server Migration

6. Server Monitoring

7.  Dedicated Support

8.  Semi-dedicated Support

9. Email Support

10. Online Messenger Support

11. Helpdesk & Live Chat Support

12. 24x7x365 days Remote Technical Support

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